2014 Makeup Favorites

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Moving on from skin (and a bit of body care) here are my 2014 makeup favorites. It was a tough choice and I have cheated once or twice, but were I only ever to buy one product per makeup category these would be my top picks. Some you’ve seen, some may surprise you, but I hope you get some ideas for your next makeup haul!

Tried any of these? Do let me know what you think. Want to share some of your favorites?

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  • Stephanie
    January 14, 2015

    I had a Giogio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation sample and it is amazing! Lately I got a sample of the Dior Star one and it’s perfect as well. But I just can’t bring myself to buy a luxury foundation like that for now.

    I’ve also filmed my favourites, but I’ll have to film again, the lighting was off!

    Happy 2015!


    • Iva
      January 14, 2015

      I know what you mean but with my combination skin I really struggle to find drugstore foundations. I think that the only one that I have ever tried that has come close to being good on my skin is the L’Oreal True Match although I find the coverage too heavy or the L’Oreal L’eau de Teint, which is great but doesn’t last as long on my skin as some of the more expensive ones. I love Rimmel True Match but it lasts one or two hours and then starts sliding off my T-zone, and so…. Can’t wait to see your beauty favorites!

  • Gemma Turner
    January 19, 2015

    Ah I LOVE the Cheeky Sweet Spot blush set.. it’s amazing isn’t it?! x

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

    • Iva
      January 21, 2015

      Gemma, yes it is fab! It was a limited edition I think so I am glad I got my hands on it!

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