6 Makeup Tips For My 16 Years Old Self

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I know I am not exactly 16 and that not many 16 year olds probably read my blog. But if you have daughters or nieces that wear makeup or are approaching the age when they do, you may want to share with them my 6 makeup tips for my 16 years old self.

1. You don’t have to wear makeup at 16

Logically I would start with tip 2 because skincare is the key to everything in my opinion, but I want to be clear from the start, I don’t actually think you need to wear any make up at 16.

All those girls you watch on Instagram who blow your mind (as they do mine) with their insanely great make up skills are pros. A lot of the make up that they do looks great on camera but is probably way too much make up to see on someone in person. Don’t try to recreate those looks for school or even for a night out. Too much make up doesn’t make you look older or more sophisticated. It just makes you look like you have too much make up on.

You are young and beautiful, you need nothing more than a touch of concealer here or there, rather than a full on foundation routine. This is particularly important to keep in mind if your skin is more prone to breakouts. You might be tempted to slather on the makeup to cover all those imperfections, however in most cases it will just make the skin problem more visible. This is why establishing some form of a skincare is important.

2. Skincare is key to everything

Trust me, you’ll thank me in your 30’s and 40’s. Having said that, you should never use skincare that is not appropriate to your age, skin issues or your skin type.

So stay away from mom’s skincare stash. Do establish some form of a routine now, it doesn’t have to be complicated, but you will just get in a habit for life. Cleanse and hydrate, evening and night. If you need to add a toner. If you have a lot of breakouts find a cream that targets your skin issue. That is it. You don’t need anything more than that.

3. Do not, ever, ever, ever pick at your blemishes

Don’t. It doesn’t help. Try to touch your face as little as possible and if you feel like your blemishes need attention, go to a pro.

4. Take off all of your make up EVERY single night

No excuses. Even if all you have on is a gloss and some mascara. Also, please, please don’t use face wipes unless you are in an emergency. The ones that are budget friendly are not very good and will just irritate your skin. Go with a gentle cleanser, cleansing lotion/milk, oil, micellar water or similar.

5. Don’t just line your waterline with a black liner

In addition to wearing too much makeup, this is the one thing I see most often on young girls (and some not so young girls).

Don’t get me wrong, lining your waterline is o.k., but I wish that someone had told me that lining with a black liner makes eyes appear squinty and small. The trick is to smudge the liner ever so slightly, and add some eyeshadow on your lower lash line. This then actually makes your eyes appear bigger and more balanced.

6. Blend, blend, blend

No matter what makeup product you are applying blending is crucial. Blending in your foundation means no streaks and no lines. Blending out your blush means you don’t look like a crazy lady. Blending your eyeshadow makes your eye looks appear more natural. Yes it takes a bit more time, but blend, blend, blend.

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