7 Essential Makeup Items For Minimalist Travelers

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A while back I asked my friends on Facebook what they would like me to write about. One of my forever travelling friends asked for packing tips for both clothes and makeup. Since I did a clothes post last summer, I thought I would do one on 7 essential makeup items for minimalist travelers. Basically: if I could only take 7 makeup items with me on a trip which 7 would I chose to get the maximum versatility.

1. Foundation

As you know I am a foundation lover so I would not leave home without foundation. I would recommend medium coverage ones for max versatility. You can mix moisturizer for a light coverage during the day, or wear it on its own for the night. Remember to take a shade that will match your summer skin tone!

2. Concealer

Because I rock a mean pair of under eye circles, I would never skip on taking my concealer with me. I always pop a bit of concealer under my eyes even if I am wearing no foundation. For those of you that never wear foundation, taking just a concealer might be enough, so you’ve cleared space for another item.

3. A highlighting and contour kit

Taking a contour kit may sound strange as you do not want to be going through some complicated contouring routine while on vacation. But bear with me for a moment.

If you choose your contour and highlight colors correctly these kits are incredibly versatile for minimalist travels. Mix the contour (which is usually matte) with the highlight on a brush and you have a shimmery bronzer. Use the contour color as an eyeshadow in the crease (socket) of your eye to define and add dimension or smudge it on your lower waterline for a sultry nighttime look. Use the highlighter as a highlighter, obviously, or use it as an eyesadow.

4. Black (or brown or gray) pencil eyeliner

Choose one that is creamy but long-wearing and you can create a ton of looks with it.

Line your eyes, smudge, use over the whole lid, line your waterline, combine it with the bronzer for a softer look, or with the highlighter for more contrast. Mix, match, and be creative.

5. Powder

I struggled with the fifth item thinking Blush? or Powder?

In the end I chose powder because I have combination skin and when travelling I find powder handy. On top of it all, I usually use it as a base eye-shadow. I also chose powder because item number 6 can double up as blush (if you chose the color well), but if you never use a powder then just take a blush!

6. One lipstick

The trick with getting maximum versatility out of your lipstick is to choose a good shade and a good formulation. If you take a gloss or something very sheer you won’t get as much use out of it. But if you chose an opaque, creamy lipstick then you can dab it on your lips with your finger as a stain or apply full on for a pop of color. The color is important because you can always lightly pat it on your cheeks with your fingertips and it doubles up as a blush. Go for peachy, pinky or coral tones.

7. Mascara

Needs no explaining.

Minimalist traveler or not, you can create tons of looks for every occasion with only these seven makeup items, trust me. Let me know if you want to see some of them in a tutorial.

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