My name is Iva.

I love fashion, I love makeup. I love being a girl and being allowed, just because I am a girl, to pamper myself on a daily basis. I never did get women who don’t enjoy it, but I don’t judge. I am one of those girls that loves going to the hair dresser and doesn’t mind spending three hours there.

I love blogs and bloggers, its like peaking into someone’s make-up stash or their closet.

I have had the good fortune to work with some of the best stylists, make up artist, hair stylists, designers and photographers in the country.

This blog is about me, about what I like, dislike, feel passionate about. You’ll find bits and pieces about me, my beauty routines, favourite products I come across and ones that I truly dislike. You’ll also be able to read about what I like to eat and cook, about what I like to read, where I’ve been and where I would like to get to.


At the beginning of my career I started working for a Croatian company whose owner had the aspiration to create a fashion empire. His aspirations suited my own personal interests quite well and I started my career in fashion. I started working as a buyer, first for men’s collections, but I soon started to take over the fashion empire and headed a team of buyers.

It was great fun. I was 23, I traveled to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Florence, Milan, Dusseldorf, Las Vegas, NY, Los Angeles. I lived in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I attended fairs, I went to buy collections, I met designers, merchandisers and overall learned a lot about fashion and style. 7 years later we took all that knowledge and put it into developing our own brands. I have had the good fortune to work with some of the best stylists, make up artist, hair stylists, designers and photographers in the country as we worked in some of the most amazing locations in the world like St. Martin, Fiji, the beautiful Dugi Otok in Croatia or the Canary islands.

I don’t work in fashion anymore, but I still behave like I do. I shop obsessively, I own more shoes than I care to admit, I look at shops with a critical eye, and I am constantly on the look for new trends.


Somewhere down the line I got hooked on make-up. In my teens (high-school) I went to a make up in school, but never really did anything with it apart from experimenting with different looks on myself.

Apart from shoes, make-up is my next big obsession (believe it or not pots and pans is the third one, one that I share with my soon to be DH). Throughout my career and especially in developing the fashion brands for my company, I had the opportunity to observe the best, and to absorb and learn from them. I am quite happy with where I am with all that learning and observing.


Yes, you got it. I don’t eat to live, I live to eat. iI thoroughly enjoy food. I like to eat healthy. I don’t always, I try my best. I am a firm believer in the French cuisine. Eat in season, eat local, eat everything. Through my passion for eating I have discovered a passion for cooking and baking. And, as mentioned somewhere above, a passion for pots and pans. Nothing beats the hunt for a perfect cast iron pot. Not even buying shoes.


I like to travel, but then again I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t, so that really says nothing. I come from the beautiful country of Croatia and I live in the Netherlands. So I am spoiled. The Croatian coast is so beautiful that you get picky when choosing a beach vacation, and the dutch cities are so full of history and architectural beauty that we’ve become spoilt.

When we travel we try our best not to be tourists. We camouflage ourselves and eat in restaurants where we can hear no foreign languages, we sit in cafes on piazzas that far from tourist attractions and we try to walk around as much as we can. On our first trip to Venice we walked for three days straight crossing the Rialto bridge only because it was in our way Off the beaten path.

Paris is our recently rediscovered love. Satisfies the need for French food, we love how the people live, and really, is there a language more beautiful than French?


Who are we? We are me, the man who stole my heart when he was still a boy (a slightly longer story that mostly likely will get a dedicated post) and on orange tabby who visitors to my Instagram know quite well I am sure. We live in a small town known for its cheese in the province of South Holland in a pretty (but not old Dutch) house with our little green paradise garden. Where a lot of blog writing, barbecuing and Aperol Spritz drinking takes place in the summer.


The last concert I went to was Nine Inch Nails. My current concert wish list includes Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins… I guess that sums it up.

What I want to be when I grow up

I work full time, I have been from the age of 20. I started University right about the time you are meant to, after high school, but I did’t finish. I started working and had a fabulous career in fashion. I then went back to school to do my MBA, and fell in love with learning. So I switched industries, and although I still work in product management and development I now work in higher education.

I also went back to school for a PhD. When I grow up I am going to be Iva Johan, PhD. What I would like to do is to go back to school and teach and share my experiences and consult and continue to learn and research.

And I want make something of this blog. That is the plan at least. I will let you know how I plan to get there.

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