Weekly Tip Roundup 2: All About Brows

Monday, July 14, 2014 7 Permalink 0

Dedicated to the frame of your face, this week’s tips are all about brows. The most common issues I see with brows are that they are either left completely un-groomed or that they are drawn on with a bit too much vigour and therefore don’t look natural. What to do when you are in a rush, how to get the most natural look and more.

My Skin Care Basics: Cleansing

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Step one in any skin care routine – cleansing. A clean face is the beginning of everything. In my opinion it is more important to clean your face than to use super fancy creams with super fancy ingredients.

Weekly Tip Roundup

Monday, June 30, 2014 0 Permalink 0

A collection of tips and tricks inspired by every day make up issues and questions.
This week: how to hold your mirror when applying makeup, how to make any eye liner matte, and more.

My Skin Care Basics

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My skincare works for me. It may not make your personal favourites or you may find fault with it, for example I am quite ok with using essential oils while other people have reactions to them.