Where to Get the Prettiest Phone Covers

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I am a huge Android fan and I love my Galaxy S4. I don’t really own a tablet, I use Antonio’s iPad from time to time and I have a laptop but my phone is what I use to connect on the move. Although I am a big fan of Apple the iPhone just would not do it for me in terms of screen size, even iPhone 5.

I was even happier with my phone choice when I heard many of my Apple fan friends complain about their iPhones. The one thing that I have always been super jealous about however was that there were so many choices to prettify an iPhone versus my Galaxy. Didn’t see that one coming did you, it did sound like a very serious geek post, didn’t it?

A girl needs a pretty phone  🙂

So as I was saying I was always very disappointed with how little us Galaxy girls had to choose from in the end I just gave up and had a super boring, but hugely functional black cover. That is until a good friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Tirita phone cases. They sell though The Crazy Ape eBay store and I almost overdosed from all the color, prettiness and stylishness when I went to check them out!

I warn you, it is impossible to get just one.

I ended up buying two covers for my phone. They are made of sturdy plastic and easy to click on and off (you won’t break your nails doing it) so if you do get two more than one it is easy to change them. There are dozens of designs to choose from and I ended up opting for stripes and polka dots.

How cool are these!

On a more serious note it is worth to note that the Galaxy S4 cases are €7.57 with €3,78 shipping to the Netherlands.

I was recently eyeing a Ted Baker case for €35+, so that is how I justified buying two to myself. Tirita ships from the UK, the shipping was very quick (under a week) and because I had no issues I cannot comment on their customer service.

Go check them out.

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