How to Have an Excellent Coffee Overdose at Home

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Coming from coffee drinking cultures both Antonio and I love a good cup of coffee. We have various coffee making implements at home, from a much-loved Bialeti Moka Express stove top espresso maker to a Nespresso machine. Our Nespresso machine is an old model that we got second hand from his brother, and while it made great coffee, I would sometimes forget to turn it off when I am done, and it was a bit clunky on our kitchen counter. That is why we decided to treat ourselves to a new one while one the old machine will be retired to Antonio’s office.

We really didn’t want anything fancy, just the basic machine that makes good coffee, has an automatic stop and turns itself off if it has been idle for more than 10 minutes. The new machine is perfection. We got the U Pure Cream Coffee Machine which is one up from the basic model from Krups. I think that we got sucked in by the slightly upgraded model because of the three buttons on top that let you choose if you want Lungo, Espresso or Ristretto, and since we drink our coffees very differently this was perfect for us. I am more of a Lungo with a bit of milk drinker, while Antonio loves his coffee short and mostly black. The machine automatically turns off after 9 minutes which I love as it saves energy. It looks very nice too and because we got a white one it blends nicely with our white kitchen.

I really like the extra functionality because what is the purpose for buying the Ristretto capsules if the machine will just make an espresso out of it. Antonio is on the other hand totally captivated by the little magnets that hold different parts of the machine together. Can you tell which one of us is the designer?

The best thing was that the Nespresso store in Bijenkorf had a great deal where you got 50 euros worth of capsules for the type of machine we got, they also had some other deals for more expensive machines. We also had so many Bijenkorf points that we only had to add 30 euros to get the machine. Pays off to be loyal!

Coffee drinking culture or not I don’t think I have ever had quite so many latte macchiatos in my life as I did this weekend! Total overdose!

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  • Stephanie
    July 7, 2014

    I have a regular coffee machine, and a portable funnel-like one. I used to live witha guy who had a Nespresso machine, but for me the coffee is too strong.

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