Iva Recommends August – Best Drugstore Foundations

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My mission to find the perfect drugstore started when I began writing this blog, about a year ago. Up until then I really only used high end foundations mostly because my skin is a combination of fine lines (I refuse to call it mature) combined with an oilier T-zone. A bit more high maintenance when it comes to foundation than skin that is evenly oily, dry, or normal.

So what are the best drugstore foundations?

L’Oreal True Match

With 18 shades to chose from (or a whopping 33 shades in the US market) L’Oreal True Match was a no brainer, I just don’t know why I hadn’t tried it before! Easy to apply and on the medium/high coverage side of the spectrum, this foundation is good for every day use. Because it blends well and doesn’t set super quickly I find this to be a really good foundation for beginners or those of you that don’t use foundation every day because it is not a hassle to apply. It is oil free, but not a long lasting formula so it will work well on normal to dry skins as well.

Cons: Although this is a “skin-matching technology” if you don’t match well and chose a shade that is too dark it will become patchy. Because its not long lasting, you will need to set with a powder and blot during the day.

L’Oreal Infallible

On my skin I however prefer the L’Oreal Infallible. There are two foundations in this range and I really like and recommend both. Keeping in mind that almost all foundations have their pros and cons these two hands down are my personal favorites from the drugstore.

The L’Oreal Infallible is very creamy but long wearing. Apply with a light hand and you will get a flawless evening out of the skin tone. I would recommend applying with a fluffier brush or with a damp sponge for the most natural look. If you need more coverage, add another thin layer, or apply with a more traditional brush. I find this foundation applies best if you first stipple (dab) it into your skin, and then finish off by buffing. I do only recommend powdering really oily parts of your face, but not all over the face as it might be too drying.

Cons: The color range is limited, at least here in the Netherlands. The bigger worry is that the foundation has a tendency to oxidize. This is particularly true for all shades darker than 200. So be careful to match very closely to your skin, go half a shade lighter, and blend really well.

L’Oreal 24 Hour Matte

The 24 hour Matte formula is even better in terms of lasting power, but if you have any dry patches on your skin this is not a foundation you should go near. I love it for my skin, but I make sure that I apply it thinly and very quickly, and I use it mostly in the summer. Because it dries to a matte finish in a matter of seconds you really need to work fast with it, and I only ever apply this with a wet sponge. However, because it lasts so well that I don’t have to think about my skin for more than 8 hours I think it is well worth the bit of pain when applying. But be warned, this requires speed and a practiced hand, so maybe not the best choice if you are just starting out with foundation application.

Cons: An even more limited shade range than the original formula. You need to work really quickly with it. Clings to any dryness.

I am trying some more drugstore brands, so keep watching the Iva recommends series for upcoming best drugstore foundations!

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