MAC Craving Lipstick Review

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I think I may just have found my favorite lipstick color for this autumn and winter! I was traveling Zagreb in November and if you follow me on Twitter (@minimalgray) then you know I was very “impressed” with the Schiphol airport in general, it has got to be my favorite airport, or at least in the top 3. Travel is never a hassle there, partially due to the strategic positioning of the MAC counter! I wasn’t really planning to buy anything, I was just browsing, and then kept on being drawn 5 times to the same lip color. I swear every time I looked at the lip colors I kept on swatching this color, I must have had 6 or 7 swatches on my hand of which at least three were Craving. I think that definitely warranted a purchase and the fact that I have been wearing it at least two or three days a week for the last two months warrants this MAC Craving lipstick review! Never thought I do a full post on one lipstick, but the intro alone is long!

It is a plummy shade with a cool bluish undertone. I don’t do well with the bluish undertone because it makes my lips look like something out of the Corpse Bride, but this works really well with my skin tone (on the olive side) and the lovely Mac sales lady told me it will make my teeth appear whiter. Can’t go wrong with whiter teeth!

This shade is in the Amplified Creme range, one that works really well of me. On “paper” it is meant to be less creamy than the Cremesheen collection but I find it to be much less drying on my lips. That is a tick in the box on the formulation. The best thing about Craving though is that it is very wearable but is definitely on the pop-of-color side of the lipstick range. If color freaks you out but you still want to move away from the nude shades, then this color is perfect. It is not overly demanding so you can slick it on without any liner, or you can make it a bit more defined and use a liner with it. I love using it with my L’Oreal Plum lip liner, it works really well with this shade. The fact that I already had it I did not have to go out and buy yet another liner!

Final verdict:

Very versatile and well suited for most skin tones and good for those wanting to to a bit more color but scared of going too much outside of their comfort zone. I love it!

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