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This Makeup Geek eyeshadow review may not be the fairest review from the perspective of average Dutch or even European customer because you can only buy this online from the US, which incurs extra customs charges which impacts the price. But I am in love with these, I really highly recommend them, and they do deliver to Europe, so it’s not like you have to travel to the US to buy them. About two months ago I caved and ordered my first stash online. I first heard about them because one of my favorite YouTubers Tati was raving about them. And you gotta trust Tati.

I didn’t really need any new eye shadows but I found the perfect excuse as a  friend of mine had asked me to do a couple of trial looks for her upcoming wedding. I ordered 14 eyeshadows in “wedding appropriate” colors. Yes, that is a pathetic way to rationalize going hugely overboard on buying eyeshadows.

I ordered the pans that fit into a Z-palette. They also fit into the MAC pro palette you just need to stick a magnet on them to make sure they stay in.

Makeup Geek eyeshadow

I was very organized when ordering, I made a list of shadows that I really liked – the website is quite ok in describing them but I also relied on several reviews and videos to get a better understanding of what colors work well. In the end I opted for the starter set that includes 9 of the basic colors, I think that that is a really good start. I then topped that off with some colors that I figured would really complement my eyes. Oh yes, and my friend’s eyes too.

I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with these

I put my make up on in the morning, and I don’t touch up anything except taking down the T-zone shine during the day. At the end of the day these are just as vivid as they were when I applied them. They don’t budge or disappear. They are very easily blendable, and a dream to apply. You can easily build opacity and layer colors with no problem. I find some of the more pigmented mattes to be easier to blend than some of my MAC favorites. The texture is satiny rather than dry, there is almost no fall out and their staying power is amazing. Just a note, I always use a primer with all of my eye shadows.

The prices are a dream as well. The individual pans are $5.99. So if you live in the US I cannot imagine why you would not give them a try. The shipping for my order was $17 (they charge by weight and as I ordered an extra Z-palette I guess the order was heavier) and on top of that I was charged a hefty $25 for customs and taxes which is a bummer, but then taxes are insane in this country (the taxes and customs have nothing to do with Makeup Geek). This takes the price up to under $10 per pan and that my friends is still a great price. The biggest downside is that the order took forever to arrive, but that could just be shipping form the US in general.

I think that rarely a day passes that I don’t use at least one of these eye shadows. What are my Makeup Geek eyeshadow favorites? Check out these swatches.

Makeup Geek swatches

You can order them online from the website.  What is going to be my next excuse for ordering more colors, or trying out the recently launched blushes?

  • Anupama
    September 2, 2014

    This is great news as I do follow the Make up geek blog quite a bit and was tempted with the eyeshadows. However might just wait for someone traveling to US to get me few.

  • emma
    March 10, 2015

    i just wanted to know how log did it take for the order to arrive?because i ordered a huge amount of eyeshadows from the makeup geek site but im not sure if i ever gonna get them.some people are saying that the USPS is not safe and stuff like that.

    • Iva
      March 11, 2015

      Hi Emma,
      It did take a while to arrive. I am not sure how much but it was over two weeks. I am not sure where you live but for some reason shipping to some European countries from the US, Netherlands being one of them, takes really long. I had no issues and I have had multiple deliveries.


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