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This has not been a month of a lot of exploration and new products. I spent the first half of the month at home because of some health issues so I was mostly in my sweatpants and no make up. But still there have been some things that have made it to my monthly favorites this November.

Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blush in Angel

Another product I have been quite late in discovering, bud discover it I did. And now that I have I must get myself more colors. This is not just any liquid blush, it is silicone based (I believe) so blending it is a dream, and unlike some cream blushes once you put it on it says on. It is very liquidy and needs a very good shake, but you only need the smallest amount, like the tiniest dot, to get the prettiest flush. If you need a bit more color layer on.

MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe

I have been loving this this month! It is one of those MAC shadows that if you only ever buy one, this should be it. I love it mostly because it is one of those one-stop eyeshadows. I don’t know if it is the pigment or the texture, but you can do so much with just the one color, the more you blend it the more the color changes and the more you layer is the darker it is. It has been my got to color for this month!

MV Organic Skincare Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser

I have been thinking if I should include this in my favorites or not because it is so insanely expensive, but I have been so in love with this moisturizer that I just had to. I don’t know but my skin is soft, plump, pretty and happy. Happy skin is so important!

If you are not insane like me and don’t want to spend that much money on a moisturizer then I recommend the Dr. Hauchka Rose Cream (or the light version). It is the rose extract that makes both of these creams what they are and when I am done with my MV moisturizer I will be going back to my beloved Rose cream.

Jojoba Oil

I love using natural oils in my skin and hair care routines. I use coconut oil in hair masks and as a body lotion pretty much all year round, I remove make up with almond oil, I use tea-tree oil for breakouts etc. I have not used Jojoba Oil previously, not really sure why. It just never made the list. Because it is highly emollient I use it to remove make up in addition to using it in hair masks and as an overnight serum/treatment around my eyes.

My favorite use for it however is to massage it into my cuticles which get incredibly dry in the winter, and on my feet, instead of a cream. Oh and on my legs instead of a lotion, or in my case instead of the coconut oil. Basically this has replaced my coconut oil in the autumn and winter months 🙂

Everything else I have been loving this month I have mentioned in my October Favorites!

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