My Hair Routine – 5 Tips for Better Hair

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I have taken quite good care of my hair but some time last year I realized that my hair isn’t recovering quite so quickly from all heat and color abuse I dished out at it.

Fast forward a year later and my hair is lovely, shiny, and back to its full glory. So here I just want to share my top 5 tips for better hair:

1. Cut

Cut is the single most important part of hair glory. I know this because every time I leave the expert hands of Anita from Kuca Cetki (House of Brushes) I have fabulous hair!

Cut is super important because in addition to getting rid of dry ends it gives your hair body and movement. A good cut complements your hair and its texture and doesn’t fight it.

2. Color

Take a step back from dramatic changes that you might have gone through when you were younger.

Color treating your hair changes its structure and the more aggressive the treatment that bigger the impact. Bleach is not your hair’s best friend, and there are other options to getting the look you want, just work with your colorist.

3. Washing

Don’t over-wash your hair.

I wash mine twice a week. I wear it down two days, up two days and then wash. I use dry shampoo in between. Took a bit of getting used to but my hair and scalp is much happier!

I use a gentle non sulfate shampoo regularly, and when I feel that my hair is getting a bit gritty, as if the gentle shampoo isn’t washing out the product build up, I use a regular moisturizing shampoo. When my scalp gets harassed, itchy, or dandruffy I use the Lush Soak and Float. It stinks like there is no tomorrow but is efficient!

4. Conditioning and treatments

Be good about conditioning your hair and using deeper treatments once a week. For my treatments I either use a mask to which I add a drop or two of oil or I do a full on oil treatment using a mix of coconut, argan and jojoba oil. I usually do this overnight, but even 15 – 30 minutes will do wonders.

5. Styling

I don’t use a lot of styling products on my hair, mostly because I don’t like the sticky feeling they leave on my hair, but I always, always, use a heat protectant.

If you use any heat on your hair then heat protection is a must. With summer coming think about spritzing some on your hair before you leave for the beach.

Speaking of heat, cutting down on how often you use heat on your hair can help improve its condition. For example I only style my hair using heat once a week. My hair cut and the hugely improved hair texture means I can finally get away with just drying my hair naturally, and I have recently “introduced” this to my routine.

Here are my current favorites:

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo (once or twice a month because it has sulphates) and Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner.

For every day products from the L’Oreal Hair Experts line – EverRiche range.

For styling Aussie Shine and Curl mousse (no sticky feeling and I feel it conditions at the same time), Orofluido Argan oil, Orofluido Orofluido Hairspray and Colab dry shampoo (New York is my favorite scent).

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