Party Season – From Office to Party

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December is the time of the month when I tend to go for more after work drinks and parties then ever. The perpetual question is how can you take your look from office appropriate to party mode without carrying a bag full of makeup and clothes with you (or is that just something I contemplate doing?) Here are my party season tips, how to take your make up and clothes from work to festive!


Plan your outfit so that with a few tweaks you can take it from office to party. I recommend a black dress that you can pair with scarf, a cardigan, or a jacket for the office. You can then stash a statement necklace and killer heels in your bag, lose the cardigan and be party ready in no time. Also take a clutch with you and stack your bag with the cardigan and the scarf in your drawer until the next day.


Think about make up looks that you can easily add some drama to in the evening. Again this takes some planning. To make sure that your make up lasts, use a long lasting foundation in the morning and set your make up with a setting spray. Before you go out blot your face with a tissue (or blotting paper). Take a small fluffy brush (any eyeshadow brush will do) and blend out your concealer (using circular motions and a light hand) to get rid of some of the creasing. I don’t recommend reapplying concealer around your eyes because that can cake up your whole look, but lightly blending will not take it all off but will smooth it out. Reapply concealer in any other areas that need it, spots, around your nose etc. and dust a light layer of powder on your t-zone to set. Then move on to your eyes and lips.

What I like to do on the days I know I am going out is do an easy eyeliner look in the morning. You will need a liner that really holds well, so I suggest a gel liner. Keep your lips nude for the office. In the evening before you go out touch up your liner, make it bolder if you want, and amp up your lip color to something really bold. I also love to have a pair of lashes in my makeup bag and I just pop them on before I go out. But hey I am a lash addict.


There is something about putting up your hair in a messy bun, paired with a LBD, heels and lashes that just says party to me. I usually take a small travel size texturizing spray or dry shampoo, spray at the roots, mess it up a bit and pull it up in a top knot. You can also add a bit of bling to it by adding a fun hair accessory. Alternatively just leave it down but add some volume at the roots for a bit more drama.


That easy!

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