My Skin Care Basics – Summer Moisturising Routine & Tips

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My moisturising routine is the one part of my skin care is where I am least likely to change things a lot. I am very brand and product loyal. For example I have been using Weleda creams and Clarains eye-creams for years now. This is my summer moisturising routine, in the winter I change it mainly because my winter skin and my summer skin seem not to belong to the same face!

Skin Serums Do All the Hard Work

Serums are your friend. They pack and extra punch of whatever goodness your skin needs. They are concentrated little helpers that can help your moisturisers and other products hydrate, firm, clarify, whiten and the like. I have been using serums on and off in the past usually when I felt that my skin just needed an extra something but in the last 3 years they have become a regular part of my skincare routine I find that with using a serum I can use lighter products on top which works especially good if you have oilier skin or skin that is prone to brake outs. Using light products is particularly essential in the summer I find.

Before we get into what I use one additional tip I would like to mention is to use “age appropriate” skincare products. Don’t reach for the 50+ creams just because you are seeing first lines appear i your late 20’s. Reach rather for a serum cream combination from a range that is suitable for your skin’s age. Observing my skin over the years has lead me to believe that it gets used to certain ingredients and while they may work their magic when I start using them, the magic power seems to decrease as time progresses. I then give them a rest and use them again after a few months.

I use two serums one in the morning and one in the evening. In the morning I use the Weleda Pomegranate Firming Serum. It is like a face lift in a bottle. But natural. Yes it is full of natural essential oils so it may not be for everyone, but it works for me. I fell my skin is now better than it was 10 years ago, smoother, less lines, more elasticity and radiance. At night I use Hydaluron serum from Indeed Cosmetics. Now this has saved my my dehydrated yet oily skin. No more dry flakiness or tight but shiny skin. When my skin feels super dehydrated, usually when the heating season starts at the beginning of winter, I do use this morning and night.

Current Summer Moisturiser Favorites

In the morning I follow the serums with the AHA Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50. This is my current go to summer moisturiser. I am an advocate for SPF all year round and in the summer I am always on the lookout for the perfect SPF. I am not sure about this one. First of all it has mineral oil. I try so hard in not using products that have mineral oil that that is an automatic minus. I also really don’t like the smell. On the plus sides it is a good SPF and it works really well below make up which is the biggest problem that I have with the SPFs that I had used before. I have been using this for a couple of months now and havent had any issues with it and that is why I caved. It does contain isopropyl myristate, a synthetic oil that could be linked to clogged pores so if you are prone to break outs or if this ingredient doesn’t work for you be warned. In the summer I don’t need much more in terms of moisturiser.

At night, I am currently using the Embryolisse Lait Concentre which I apply over the Hydraluron Serum. This is my second concession to un-clean skin products because it also contains mineral-oil, but I just love how that cream makes my skin feel. It is a staple skin care product of many a make-up artist because it soothes the skin and moisturises it and leaves it feeling baby soft. It’s such a miracle worker. I don’t use it all year, I alternate it with the Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream which is pure goodness in a tube, but when my skin is showing signs of being harassed as it is now, I just prefer the calming effect of Embryolisse.

Eye Cream Staples

For my eyes I have been loving the Clarains Serum Super Lift Contour Yeux. And that is pretty much it. I have been using some type of Clarains eye cream for years now. I find them very gentle and non irritating, which is  my pet peeve with many eye creams. Why make a cream that makes eyes water? The serum is not greasy yet very moisturising, it absorbs quickly and is a good base for anything that you put on top of it. On days that I feel that I need something slightly heavier I add a thin layer of Extra Firming Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream, which is what I use in the winter.

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