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So continuing on the “What’s in my….” note this week we take a peek and discover what is in my makeup bag. Unless I am carrying a small handbag I always carry my makeup bag with me. Because I spend a lot of time in the office, commuting, going to dinner or drinks straight from work I feel like I need to have some stuff with me to make those transitions from day to night or to just touch up at work.

It might be worthy to note that the contents of my make up bag change from the beginning to the end of the week. I tend to clean it up over the weekend and over the week it accumulates (mostly lip) product I use in my daily looks. It’s Wednesday today and I have been rocking colorful lips this week so it is pretty packed.

Basics – Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium and the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Beige, this is to touch up and conceal any imperfections that develop during the day.

Brushes – I have three brushes in here, a blush/powder/bronzer brush, a Smashbox eyeshadow brush that I don’t really like so I keep it here, and a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush that I use for everything: buff creases in concealer or foundation, to reapply and spot conceal, apply powder to smaller areas, buff eyeshadow etc.

Lips – This is where it gets totally out of control. To begin with the things that always in there: Welleda Lip Balm, the only lip balm I use, Rimmel Moisture Renew in 700 Nude Delight, Mac Creame Sheen in Shy Girl, NYX Lipgloss in 122 Natural and a Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. Way over the top, but these are my go to shades and I use one of them almost every day. On top of that in most weeks I also have in here the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 05 and a Revlon lip gloss in 235 Pink Pop. If I ever feel like color then this is what I wear.

The lip products that found their way in here this week are my favorite red lipstick Make Up Designory’s Ladybug which I wore on Friday and the Rimmel Moisture Renew in 660 In Love with Ginger which I wore on Monday. I just never took them out.

To go with these lipsticks the lip liners I use with them are: Mac Boldly Bare which is my top pick for a nude lip liner and the only one I always have with me. The other ones that made it this far this week are: L’Oreal Contour Parfait in 634 Plum, Make Up Designory Lip Pencil in Red and Mac Pro Longwear in What a Blast (orange).

Eyes – I don’t have any eyeshadows because that is what I never touch up, other than adding a bit more liner. I have three liners, a Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes gel liner and a L’Oreal Super Liner (Perfect Slim felt-tip liner) both in black, and for instant wake-up effect the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude (for the water line).

I think I mentioned this before but I do my mascara on in the train because my eyes water in the morning, so I always have my mascara in here, currently it is the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl in black. For touching up brows I pop in my GimmeBrow from Benefit although this product is so good that once I apply it in the morning my brows really need no touching up.

Cheeks – Sleek blush, bronzer and highlighter palette – I really like this, I have two and one is always with me and one is in my make up drawer. The colors are great and versatile and the mirror is the best. I rarely use this for touchups though; it is used more for taking my day look to night if I need to.

Quite inexplicably on top of this I have two more blushes in here, the NYX powder blush in Peach and the Max Factor Cream Blush in Soft Pink. Why I carry these with me is beyond me, especially the cream one because I would rarely apply it over powder any way. But they are here.

Other random stuff – Tiny tweezers, a pencil sharpener, a sewing kit because you never know when that will come handy, a hair tie, one bobby pin a Travolo which holds the Clarains Eau Ensoleillante (The Sunshine perfume, now who would not want to wear that?) and one disgusting Q-tip that is going in the trash after this post.

What's in my makeup bag

I need a bigger makeup bag 🙂

  • Gemma Turner
    September 18, 2014

    I love that you made the picture a gif! So cute, as is your makeup bag xx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

    • Iva
      September 22, 2014

      The GIF does illustrate the level of the insanity of my makeup bag quite well, doesn’t it? 🙂

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